Our sustainability hub, where we champion initiatives and brands that do things differently.

This is how we do it. Discover the actions and ideas we’re implementing — and the people we’re doing it with — to reach a greener world.


The small stuff really matters. Every piece of Further East collateral is made with the planet in mind, as well as you. From our tote bags and lanyards to notebooks and bottles, we only use recycled or degradable materials or alternatives to plastic. No waste; all yours.


Our aesthetic touches last. We reuse as many signs, staging, flooring and displays as possible. In 2023, Desa Potato Head recycled all of our vinyl. We’re constantly dreaming up fresh, creative ways to immerse our audience in luxury without limits — or a needless environmental cost.


Want to help local children reach their potential, too? Further Easters can take part in our annual Community Project with the Bali Children Foundation (BCF), delivering classroom essentials to disadvantaged children. We also donate a portion of our Buyer Commitment Fee to the charity, supporting education in remote areas that has a lasting impact across Indonesia.

The brands we’re growing with

Creativity. Integrity. A recognition that they can’t work alone. Our sustainability partners are doing new things in new ways — inspiring and helping to make us greener. Would you like an introduction?

Potato Head

Consistently voted amongst the world’s best hotels, Desa Potato Head hosts our Open House ideas festival and welcome drinks. They’ve built a mini carbon-neutral village with a beach club, bamboo garden and several restaurants, drawing guests into Bali life with a curated events programme and educational zero-waste practices. 

In 2024, Potato Head achieved B-Corp status for environmental excellence. It’s a milestone that reflects what the hotel has pulled off in a few short years — such as trimming waste-to-landfill from 50% in 2017 to just 3% today.

Bali Children Foundation

Since Day One, we’ve been channelling the power of luxury travel back into the communities our industry depends on. The BCF is an example of this in action — helping young people reach their potential in Bali and beyond. 

In 2023 alone, the organisation played a role in improving 54 schools, while upgrading 135 libraries and classrooms. The BCF is particularly passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Mathematics), supporting these subjects through Grades 1 to 12 and further scholarship. The EdTech initiative, especially, levels up learning with tools for reading, writing and counting. We’re so proud of the impact Further East and the Bali Children Foundation continue to have on the lives of disadvantaged children. Watch this space for more initiatives coming soon.

Hotel Indigo

Our hotel partner on Seminyak Beach is a marvel of wellness, design and fine dining. It’s won awards for its spa and eco credentials, proving how true luxury can remain conscious of people and planet even when you’re indulging yourself. 

From a breakfast feast with the rising sun to slow cocktails in the fading light, Hotel Indigo can serve any taste while you’re exploring Bali. Neighbourhood hosts are always on hand to suggest more than meets the eye, too. We can’t wait to walk through those doors again in 2024! 

Bottles For Earth

This brand designs single and double-layer stainless steel bottles without foam or fibreglass. We’re big fans of their work to make water consumption sustainable, so it feels as good as it tastes. 

Bottles For Earth provided our recycled water bottles for Further East in 2022 and 2023. True to form, we’re partnering with them again for this year’s event, keeping our travel trailblazers cool and refreshed while they unpack APAC travel together.  It’s collateral with a conscience.

Sungai Watch

To fight river pollution, Sungai Watch aligns barriers, volunteers and tracking systems throughout Indonesia. They’re proven leaders for using technology to solve challenges with disposal and plastic collection. 

Sungai’s work is expanding throughout Asia. We love to hear about their latest, greatest plans for cleaner rivers. That’s why we invited co-founder Gary Bencheghib — who also created sister brand, Sungai Design — to speak at Open House 2023.

Plastik Kembali

Turning waste into art, Plastik Kembali gives single-use plastics a second chance. This studio creates traditional display pieces for homes, villas and hotels, as well as letting Balinese artisans learn and earn from their craft. 

An ingenious ‘inter-island’ supply programme links pickups, sorting and selling throughout the plastic life cycle. That means some of the waste that the business helps clear from rivers and beaches ends up in their own products, repurposed from recycling centres.

Bali Animal Welfare Association (BAWA)

Since 2007, BAWA has been giving animals off the streets a home and a second chance — those that have been abused, underfed or left without care. From protecting the indigenous Bali Heritage Dog to running awareness campaigns for local and global wildlife, the organisation has bite behind its bark for better animal welfare standards everywhere.

Liberty Society

Spearheading new standards in Indonesian fashion, Liberty Society makes shirts, bags and apparel with an end-to-end craft process. Local women are given priority for jobs and career development, making the company a far-reaching social enterprise. Whether it’s through upskilling or providing a safe space for self-expression and creativity, the brand gives marginalised people a voice — and a sewing kit. 

Liberty Society is going from strength to strength. We’re proud to be part of that journey; they teamed up with Further East in 2023, giving us hand-made recycled tote bags to carry big ideas forward.

Saraswati Papers

As our prime paper supplier, this brand spells out their environmental pledge in black and white (and sometimes colour). Named after the Hindu goddess of beauty, they repurpose 100% of their materials from offices, schools and other local sites. 

Saraswati Papers has also been a female-led company from the start, when founder Kali Sari brought Balinese villagers together to learn papermaking at her kitchen table. The brand continues to employ women and use traditional blending, dipping and pressing processes in their designs, providing invaluable skills and continued employment for women in their community.